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Direct Mail WORKS!

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How Direct Mail Works For Your Business

It was a big day for Lisa and she was filled with excitement! Opening day for her pet salon and everything was in place. Beautiful sign out front, great location, and a friendly eager staff. 9 hours later, they only had 2 clients to end their day. Lisa was very optimistic and thought ok, it will get better tomorrow. Nope, only 1 client the next day. And it didn’t get any better as the week went by. She drafted a half page flyer and brought it to McStatts' Printing for copies to be made so she could put them on the windshields of cars in parking lots around town. I suggested maybe a direct mail piece. She thought it would be too expensive and heard many people say they didn’t get much back from a mail piece. I explained to her that her mailing list could target ONLY to animal owners in the area and she would be hitting her target audience and not just every household. We had her mailing list narrowed down to homes with animals and with at least $30,000 total annual income and within a 5 mile radius of her business. We designed her a postcard, purchased her mailing list and they hit the mail 10 days later. The day the mailing hit the mailboxes, she was bombarded with calls and walk-ins and SHE was the one wagging her tail.

Printing for Non Profit Organizations

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Digital Printing is a Life Saver for Non Profits

Non-profits, religious and charity organizations depend on donors for survival. Direct mail and printing in general have been a mainstay of these organizations' fundraising plans. The challenge is to reach many different levels of givers based on their donation amounts. These organizations must be careful

Direct Mail is the least expensive form of advertising

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Direct Mail is still the least expensive form of advertising – ESPECIALLY if you have a VERY SPECIFIC TARGETED MAILING LIST.  If you already have a very reliable and accurate mailing list, then that is great.  But if you don't, McStatts' Printing can help with that and can narrow a mailing list down to zip code or within a certain radius of a business address or other demographics like age, annual income, occupation, hobbies and interest, or whether there are children in the household.  These mailing lists are very accurate. The success of a Mail Campaign depends mostly on this mailing list.  If you need more sales but don't know how, then direct mail is the answer and McStatts' Printing can find the right mailing list and produce a successful mailer.

Pink Wedding Invitations

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 Baby pink, pink lace, and tickle me pink are 3 pinks that blushing bride, Lisa has picked for her wedding and the wedding date is only 6 weeks away. My client, Denise, who is Lisa's wedding planner, called in a panic on April 5th when she realized that the particular wedding invites that Lisa picked would take 6 weeks alone to produce from the on-line invitation company.