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Pink Wedding Invitations

Written by Kathy McStatts-Fulton, Posted in Digital Printing, Printing


 Baby pink, pink lace, and tickle me pink are 3 pinks that blushing bride, Lisa has picked for her wedding and the wedding date is only 6 weeks away. My client, Denise, who is Lisa's wedding planner, called in a panic on April 5th when she realized that the particular wedding invites that Lisa picked would take 6 weeks alone to produce from the on-line invitation company.  

 Matching colors and paper are my specialty and after sitting with the wedding planner we were able to pick the three similar but different shades of pink from the PMS Pantone book, and the special paper and envelopes from the paper company and McStatts' Printing was able to produce the invitations in a week at half the price. We are a great resource for wedding planners. We can take the wedding invitations off their plate so they can focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

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Kathy McStatts-Fulton

Kathy McStatts-Fulton

Kathy is the co-owner of McStatts' Printing in Cartersville, Georgia