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Ink in my blood

Written by Anthia McStatts-Santini, Posted in Printing, Screen Printing

The Life of a Printing Kid

I was literally born in the printing business.  My parents started their small printing company in 1968 and I was born a year later. I got into my fair share of trouble around the printing shop.  As a kid (and adult) I would go to the ink cans and play around with the "skin" and poke it, smear it, smell it, and even taste it (just once, though).  I was always getting into the printing ink and as a kid, I was always wearing ink on ALL my clothes and this ink didn't come out in the wash.  My mom would scorn my sisters and me for ruining every piece of good clothing we ever had because we were not operating a press but just "playing".  Even my father would always manage to get ink all over himself and in his later working days, he didn't have to operate a printing press but somehow, someway he would always get ink on a brand new shirt or a pair of pants.  It is like it just magically jumped out of the can onto all of us... except for our mom.  

About the Author

Anthia McStatts-Santini

Anthia McStatts-Santini

Anthia is the co-owner of McStatts' Printing in Cartersville, Georgia