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Direct Mail is the least expensive form of advertising

Written by Anthia McStatts-Santini, Posted in Digital Printing, Printing


Direct Mail is still the least expensive form of advertising – ESPECIALLY if you have a VERY SPECIFIC TARGETED MAILING LIST.  If you already have a very reliable and accurate mailing list, then that is great.  But if you don't, McStatts' Printing can help with that and can narrow a mailing list down to zip code or within a certain radius of a business address or other demographics like age, annual income, occupation, hobbies and interest, or whether there are children in the household.  These mailing lists are very accurate. The success of a Mail Campaign depends mostly on this mailing list.  If you need more sales but don't know how, then direct mail is the answer and McStatts' Printing can find the right mailing list and produce a successful mailer.

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Anthia McStatts-Santini

Anthia McStatts-Santini

Anthia is the co-owner of McStatts' Printing in Cartersville, Georgia