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Every Door Direct Mail is perfect for local mailings

Written by Kathy McStatts-Fulton, Posted in Printing

An inexpensive way to mail


Charities depend upon members to help raise money.  A local charity just recently contacted me in regard to handling a mail piece to send out to local women within the area to invite them to a monthly meeting in hopes of generating new members. After sitting down with them and pricing a postcard, which was very reasonable, and then pricing the postage, they were appalled at the high cost of mailing 2500 postcards. The postage alone would have been 825.00 not to mention purchasing the mailing list. I suggested using the USPS's, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), service. EDDM allows the client to target prospects by geographic area for only 16 cents each. No mailing addressses are needed because the USPS delivers the printed piece to every mailbox within the route(s) that you choose to target.  My client was amazed at how easy it was to go on the USPS's website and choose the areas they wanted to reach.  They ended up saving 775.00 and were very happy with the number of new members they received from just this one mailing. 

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Kathy McStatts-Fulton

Kathy McStatts-Fulton

Kathy is the co-owner of McStatts' Printing in Cartersville, Georgia