September 5, 2013

Dear Anthia,
I felt compelled to write this letter because of the great customer service I have, and still do, receive from you and your company. I have been doing business with you for over 5 years now. From my company business cards, signs, T-shirts and letterhead, just to name a few of the products I have received from you. All high quality and beautifully done. Any time I have had to have something ASAP you always delivered. I remember the time I could not pick up my business cards until after you guys closed. You left them outside for me in a spot behind your building where they could not get wet or be seen from anyone. I had to have them that day and you made sure I got them. You go above and beyond to make your customers feel happy and satisfied with the end product. Not only will I continue to do business with you but I will continue to refer you to others as well. I am proud to do business with McStatts Printing but more than that I am more proud to call you my friend!

 Tammy Jensen

"Stunning Ladies"