September 13, 2013

As any graphic artist or photographer can attest, sending a project off to be printed is a process that often includes ashes, sackcloth, prayer and supplication. In the time I have known Anthia McStatts I have done business with her company numberous times, either for my promotional materials or those of my clients, and the outcome has been nothing short of dazzling.

However, that is only half the equation. There is also the matter of demeanor. Anthia is a person whose straight-talking, no-nonsense personal and professional presentation inspires higher reach out of those with whom she conducts business, despite letting her sly sense of humor sneak out from on regular intervals. 

Anthia has a grasp on what she is doing that has her thinking several steps ahead of anyone with whom she does business, and she has a firm understanding of the business axiom that states, "It's not the number of people who come through the door of your business that counts, it's the number of people who come BACK through your door that makes all the difference."

In a world that seems bent on rising no higher than modest mediocrity, McStatts' Printing is an oasis of excellence. 

It is my extreme pleasure to recommend Anthia and her company to everyone I know when they have needs she can fulfill, if for no other reason but to see the look on their faces when they receive the finished product.

Micheal A Beck