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What Promotional Product Should I Use?

Written by Anthia McStatts-Santini, Posted in Promo Products

The Value Of Promotional Products

Jim owned a small security company that had been in business 5 years and was well known for his service.  He decided it was time to take the business to the next level so he decided he would participate in the next local business trade show. He knew he had tons of business cards and brochures but he wanted something to attract commercial prospects to his booth. I suggested to Jim that he have a few different promotional products available to hand out.  First, something that he could give to everyone that stopped by his booth.  I thought a pen would be good because it is one of the least expensive items and he could give hundreds of pens out without breaking the bank.  Second, something that he could give to potential prospects who expressed an interest in a security system and might one day need his services. A travel mug was what he decided to hand out because they were around 2.50 each and would be used almost daily and taken to and from work, which was good in Jim's opinion.  And third, something that he could give to business owners/managers that expressed an interest in a new security system for their business.  He decided on an umbrella that was around 8.00 each.  He knew he would only be ordering 36 quantity and thought that both men and women would enjoy a nice umbrella.  After the trade show, I called Jim to see how it went and he was ecstatic because he had already signed 3 new commercial clients and had several others that were interested in talking to him more in depth about his services.  He thought the promotional products like the travel mugs and umbrellas made him look professional and successful and helped seal the deal with the new clients.